Who we are: Language

 Language skills are the most important lessons learned in a child’s life. Without the ability to communicate a child would be lost in this world and frustrated by an inability to express themselves. Language is made up of receptive (listening and reading) and expressive (speaking and writing) skills. 

While the Montessori classroom designates a specific language area with materials for developing oral language, writing, reading, and creative expression, the entire classroom is also designed to enrich and support language development. Every classroom area possesses opportunities to learn new vocabulary, explore the relationship of words, and encourage rich discussion. As the child begins to read and write he utilizes these new skills to rediscover and expand his classroom experience with materials through out the environment.

The goal of this important curricular area is to nurture the child’s natural interest in language so that he develops a love for reading, learning, and self-expression that can be treasured throughout his entire life.


Metal Insets: Introduction

The purpose of the metal insets is to develop fine motor control most especially pencil control (ie. working on pincer grip), and preparation for writing. The child works independently as in presentation nad the child works with different shapes and different colors.

Sandpaper Letters and the Sand Tray

The child practices writing letters in sand tray using the same or different letters, use a sandpaper numeral, write letter in sand tray with eye closed, listen to a sound and write it in the sand, listen to a word and write the initial sound. The purpose of the metal insets is to help with the  development of writing skills and to learn to copy letters.