Who we are: Culture/Science

Dr Maria Montessori referred to the study of culture and science as “cosmic education” which includes activities in Geography, Zoology, Botany, History and Science. Cosmic Education tells a story of how everything is interconnected. These activities connect our learners to the world outside of our school. 



Continent Maps:

The puzzle maps are made without distracting decorations or labeling, it only shows the outline of each continent or country is shown. Puzzle maps are intended to stimulate the child’s later interest in a systematic study of the world and its people and to provide a sensory impression of the outlines and locations of the continents and countries.


The objective of our life cycle units is to help our learners explore different life cycles of a variety of living things from the Five Kingdoms:

  • Animal Kingdom
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Fungi Kingdom
  • Protist Kingdom
  • Moneran Kingdom

Our presentation for the Animal kingdom is a sequence of the life cycle of an animal. We tell a story using model stages and ask what happened first, then next and until the end of the sequence.