Visit St. Mark’s Early Learners: Admissions

Enrollment & Registration

Although enrollment is open, limited space and staff requires program size restriction. Application for enrollment will be first come, first served. If necessary, enrollment will be prioritized and considered according to the following order of categories:

1) Currently enrolled students with tuition accounts up to date
2) Siblings of currently enrolled students
3) Members of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (active, participating members for six months prior
to enrollment)
4) Others in the community

Students will be placed in the most appropriate class by the Director. In the event that we have a full enrollment, a waiting list will be maintained. Children may begin St. Mark’s Early Learners any time during the year if space is available. Being placed on a waiting list does not guarantee placement the following year but does give special attention.

St. Mark’s Early Learners enrollment occurs around the end of February before opening to the general public. There is a non-refundable $50 enrollment fee for returning students and $75 for new students (No exceptions) per family. Registration fee is due at the time of enrollment. 

Before the beginning of the current school year, parents must pay all required tuition on the 1st of the month and complete and turn in enrollment forms. All children are expected to be immunized before the first day of school, according to the State Laws of Indiana,. This requires a new yearly immunization form, completed and signed by a physician. Families should anticipate this and make medical arrangements to meet this deadline. On an individual basis, St. Mark’s Early Learners may choose to enroll a student who in under immunized, however, it is highly preferred and recommended that all children be immunized. This is for
the protection of other children and pregnant mothers.