Parent Testimonials

St. Marks is a wonderful school for anyone seeking a great Montessori lead program. I absolutely love the method of teaching, the direction given to children, and the overall atmosphere. My boys both love it here just as much as I do. Mrs. Linda has a heart of Gold and does a great job with the program. I will be so sad when my family outgrows the school. I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering and being a part of the St. Marks family!

Sarah Cook

Current Parent

Great hands on learning environment! The teachers are experienced and
caring! Our oldest just finished her first year and has learned so much and
grown as an individual! We’ll be sending our middle daughter in fall and
can’t wait to see how she’ll grow as a individual!

Jessica Crill

Current Parent

I’m thankful we found St. Marks. As a former educator myself, I love Montessori for its hands on, follow the child approach. Linda is a phenomenal educator who is dedicated to working with children and teaching at their level.

Before our oldest started at the school, he was behind socially and developmentally. Linda started from the ground up by first observing him. Materials were prepared for him that would facilitate the skills he needed and then she built upon them. The extra time to follow the child and truly work with them one on one helped him not only meet his milestones, but he exceeded where he needed to be. He left after three years ready for public school first grade, prepared and ahead of the curriculum standards.

Alicia Purdy

Former Parent

As a parent, we wanted the perfect balance for our pre-school daughter. A place where she would learn life-skills, gain educational knowledge, develop appropriate social behavior, love attending and reinforce our faith. St. Mark’s Early Learners exceeded our expectations and laid an excellent foundation for our little girl to grow.

Our 5 year-old pre-kindergarten daughter is reading, knows appropriate social behavior, is wonderful assisting at home, and counts to 30. We are so thankful for the work that Ms. Linda and all of the assistants have invested in our girl. Of all the pre-schools available, this was the
perfect fit for us.

The opportunity for the children to choose work, to work alone or in group, to have the freedom to act as little people versus the traditional model of learning has developed a sense of wonder and discovery that Natalie has carried over to the outdoors, our home and various other adventures. The confidence Natalie has that new tasks are achievable, that learning is fun and
the self-confidence to work alone is exciting!

As a St. Mark’s Early Learners board member, I learned first-hand the leadership capabilities of Linda Vandemark. Like all of us, the room to grow exists and Linda was eager to develop
professionally and took instruction very well. Linda is an excellent Montessori leader and takes pride in developing her classroom assistants, allowing the assistants the opportunity to take
command of situations and grow.

I also witnessed Linda in the midst of crisis at St. Mark’s and was impressed with her ability to professionally handle unforeseen difficulties. When given the opportunity and approval to assume more leadership of St. Mark’s Early Learners, Linda accepted the challenge as well as board direction and led efficiently.

Brad Harris

Former Parent

Our daughter was enrolled at St. Mark’s Early Learners for three years.  We had no prior experience with Montessori, and we were amazed as our daughter developed academic, social, and life skills that far surpassed our expectations.  She was well prepared to be an independent learner as she moved on to kindergarten. We are thankful for our time at St. Mark’s and highly recommend this program.
Stephanie Bellinger

Former Parent